Row, windsurf and sail at our fun, supportive and safe water sport camp in Toronto

Row, windsurf & sail

at our fun, supportive & safe water sport camp in Toronto

Operated by the Outer Harbour Sailing Federation

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Our sailing classes teach kids the FUNdamentals of sailing using small boats in moderate conditions.

Each sailboat holds two to three young people depending on size and weight and can have one or two sails. Campers spend most of their time on the water: having fun in the wind and practicing teamwork, adjusting the sails and balancing the boat to make it go fast.

Students are divided into appropriate groups based on age and skill level. Campers 7-18 years old have the opportunity to earn nationally recognized Sail Canada certificates by demonstrating the skills learned in the program.

All sessions are taught by professional, experienced and passionate instructors.



Fun and Fundamentals

at the OHSF Water Sport Camp

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Windsurfing combines sailing and board sports like surfing, snowboarding or skateboarding. Windsurfing has many disciplines such as: racing at the Olympics, wave sailing, slalom and freestyle where athletes do rotations and tricks. This is a fast, fun and exhilarating sport.

A simple, safe and affordable sport to get kids on the water, windsurfing is also an excellent way for kids to develop the ABC's of Athleticism...Agility, Balance, Coordination and Speed...which are transferable to many other sports, including winter sports such as hockey and skiing.

Windsurfing takes place at the Toronto Windsurfing Club for beginners 10-17 years old. Campers who windsurf learn fundamental concepts, water safety and basic board handling, plus have a chance to earn a nationally recognized Sail Canada qualification.


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Try Windsurfing

at the OHSF Water Sport Camp

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Try Canada's most successful Olympic summer sport - rowing! Rowing is often referred to as the ultimate team sport. There are no superstars, no divas, no flashy players, just a team of 8 athletes striving to move in perfect unison. It incorporates strength, power, rhythm and timing and when it all comes together (and it can, even in one week), you will feel like you are flying at water level.

We introduce beginners to the basics of rowing, including equipment preparation, rowing and training techniques, and even coxing (steering!). Rowing is taught by Hanlan’s Rowing Club in the Outer Harbour to young people 13-17 years old.


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